The Matrimonial Practice


Divorce/ Dissolution
When a marriage ends in separation, divorce or dissolution, it can be devastating, emotionally and financially, for not only the spouses, but the entire family, especially when minor children are involved.
Miss E. assures the smoothest and most expeditious resolution by taking a global approach to a number of issues such as equitable distribution, spousal and child support, child custody and possible relocation of part of the family out of state. While Miss E. can aggressively litigate any matrimonial issue within the confines of the court, Miss E., as a skilled negotiator, is committed to resolving cases as amicably and expeditiously as possible, because that is what is best for you and your family.

Equitable Distribution/Community Property Division
If you are considering divorce, contact Multi-Jurisdictional Divorce, PLLC today. There are several considerations that will have long-term financial consequences for the spouses when determining how marital property will be divided or how companies will be evaluated.

Miss E. has an extensive track record of achievement in legal case management and client relations, she possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to excel in representing you in and out of the courtroom.

Miss E. routinely advises clients on issues related to marital property and the courts’ application of New York’s equitable distribution rules, as well as issues related to community property and the courts’ application of California community property rules.

Child Custody
Child custody, both legal and physical, is an issue of which Miss E. feels strongly and will fight vigorously and tirelessly.  As a devoted mother Miss E. knows that custody and parental access concerns are amongst the thorniest and emotionally charged issues a parent could face in his or her life. This is even more true, if there is domestic violence involved. Miss E. will not back down in your fight for what is in the best interests of your children because she believes that the children come first, always and in all ways.

Domestic Violence
Miss E. provides direct legal representation to DV survivors in all types of domestic and family law matters. Miss E. provides an holistic representation on all DV matters, including but not limited to obtaining and enforcing protection orders; defending against retaliatory protection orders and defending allegations of child neglect based on a client’s status as a victim of domestic violence.


Whether you are considering marriage, already married or intend to divorce, it is critical that you have an agreement that will clarify each party’s property rights.  Miss E., a zealous advocator, aggressive negotiator and skilled contract drafter, is experienced in drafting comprehensive, iron-clad agreements in all areas of matrimonial law, including complex global settlement agreements containing relocation clauses and jurisdictional clauses.

Forensic Psychiatrist

Cases related to custody and child support sometimes require a forensic psychiatrist. The forensic psychiatrist can evaluate a parent’s mental health to see if they can safely have legal custody or receive child support.

The one of the forensic psychiatrist is a highly specialised role and Dr. Zvi has a sophisticated understanding of the links between mental health and the law.

Dr. Zvi focuses on applying his psychiatrist’s clinical expertise to legal issues arising out of a separation, divorce or dissolution. Dr. Zvi also assists the courts in resolving disputes through psychiatric knowledge, and make fairer and more accurate decisions.

Dr. Zvi’s medical training makes him invaluable in situations that require extensive mental health evaluations.
He can perform lab tests and prescribe medication when necessary. With his expertise in the physical effects of mental health conditions, he can connect biological and psychological issues with legal situations.

Dr. Zvi can provide the following services in a divorce/child custody legal case:

  • Consulting: Dr. Zvi can assist with trial preparation through expert psychiatry consultations. He supports legal professionals as they strive to understand the medical and psychiatric issues of a case.
  • Evaluations: In cases requiring mental health evaluations, Dr. Zvi can perform the tests needed to get critical information. He conducts examinations related to competency, undue influence, fitness for duty and many other topics.
  • Expert testimony: When a legal professional needs an expert witness, Dr. Zvi can provide professional testimony. After completing consulting or an evaluation, he can report his findings in a court of law.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Law Practice

UCCJEA, UIFSA, HAGUE In April 2018, after a long, arduous and emotionally draining divorce journey, Miss E. executed her own custody agreement which contained relocation terms and UCCJEA clauses. Miss E. set out to assist parents providing legal expertise in custody and financial case involving UCCJEA, UIFSA and HAGUE.